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Tell me what you want

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La Juice is coming up on a year of existence and to celebrate, I want to bring in a new “feature”. Other than EQ Thursdays, I don’t really have recurrent theme posts and if you have been around since the dawn of Juicytime, then you know why. Two words: Kitten Haikus. Kitten Haikus were a [...]

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Earthquake Preparation Gift Ideas for the Stylish

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Silly Rabbits! As you know, the stylishly earthquake prepared are already done shopping and likely sitting by an open fire, wrapping gifts while sipping one of my girl Vesta’s festive cocktails.  Something peppermint with a sugary rim just begging to be licked, of course. But just in case you have that one really difficult person [...]

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Holiday Tips for the Earthquake Prepared- Securing the Tree.

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Chicas and chicos, how are your holidays so far? Disaster proof I hope. And if not, well, I have special holiday tree trimming tips for staying as earthquake ready as possible. And if you don’t have the threat of “The Big One” looming over your sugar plum filled head, fear not!  This post should also [...]

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Haiku Kittens

Haiku Kittens: barefoot contessa, Bronx Zoo Snake, haircuts, Bloggess

Its Wednesday, you all know what that means.  Most of this week’s Haikus were inspired by the Kittehs in the photos. Except one.  Today we start out with a ssssssssspecial guest:       Slithery Haiku. Wish for Enzo Haiku. Praise for Hilarious Blog Haiku. Haircuts for All Haiku. Pathetic Begging for You Haiku. All [...]

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Kittehs recite Charlie Waffles

Kittens who Quote Charlie Sheen = Adorable insanity Because you can’t make this shit up and I am pro-kitten.  We’ve seen this before with Mel Gibson quotes, but there are a variety of websites bringing us Sheen-sperean quotes from kittens, these images are either of my Scout,  or posted courtesy of Medium Large     [...]

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Expect More

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Besides the previously mentioned slap and tickle, what can you expect from LA Juice? It might be easier to start with what you will not find here. I cannot give you: Breaking celebrity gossip, all the time. Let’s face it no one needs a watch clock for their dead pool to figure out it won’t [...]

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