EQ Thursdays: Valentine’s Day Extravaganza!

by Juice on February 14, 2013

No not really. See, I had this awesome post about all the awesome pink self defense items that are NOT GUNS, that you could buy for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, but three posts in one week about weaponry is just way beyond my tolerance threshold, not very romantic, and mostly I think we just need a little bit of healing.

So instead, I give you nature at her most romantic and seksi.

Granite or some other kind of rock, who cares, its a Heart!

Granite or some other kind of rock, who cares, its a Heart!

This is Heart Rock and  its 100% nature made. Thousands of years of water dripping, flowing, carving out a perfect heart in this granite. I took Lance to this place when I was trying to lure him out here to California. It worked.

Coincidentally, Heart Rock is in the same mountain range where that cop killer was ultimately brought to justice. Maybe someday we will be able to forget all about him and keep the memories of those who senselessly died at his hand in our hearts. I think we know the Mountains will.


Happy Valentine’s!

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