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The Greatest Sport Known to Man

LA Juice has nothing but love for the only sport that requires the all around athleticism of your Barry Sanders and David Beckhams, the strategy and team work of Magic Johnson’s Lakers, the physicality and toughness of a Ronnie Lott,  the endurance of Madrid Real, with the super human precision of a Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson- IF you stood all those bad boys on two thin blades of steel, gave them less padding than a football player and threw them together a field of ice. Can you even imagine Becks on a field of ice? Arnie Palmer teeing off from the Blue line?

Hockey: the most exciting, toughest, most skilled, athletic sport out there- No question.

Hockey blogging is one of my great passions, and I write about my beloved Detroit Red Wings and the NHL at:

Hockey Recon


One Minute of Play