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by Juice on December 10, 2012

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I confess- I don’t get it. Two Australian DJs’ played a stupid prank that no one thought would have ever tricked anyone. In fact, I am willing to bet, half the impetus, bravado, humor behind the prank call was just to see how quickly they would be hung up upon.

Somehow, Mel Greig and Michael Christian managed the impossible and found someone at that hospital to fall for it. Yuck yuck. It’s stupid, its ‘childish, it’s not even remotely surprising that someone tried to prank call the hospital where Kate Middleton was being treated. It’s a little surprising that a busy nurse got duped, but really- it’s no big faulking deal.

And then something even more impossible to predict happened. That nurse killed herself.

It’s bizarre, it’s not understandable. Such a reaction is so outrageously disproportionate that it is unfathomable. It’s sad, it’s tragic in an unexplainable way. It’s unnecessary and a sad loss of life.

But it’s not the DJs’ fault.

Sorry. Its not.

The vitriol, outrage and reactions (such as firing these DJs, death threats, saying they have blood on their hands, etc… ) is as pathetically disproportionate to the act as suicide is to being humiliated at work.  It make less sense than killing yourself because you got tricked by a couple of people with Australian accents pretending to be Charles and the Queen.

I mean really- when would Charles and the queen even be in the same room to telephone anyone? Someone else does their telephoning for Christ sakes. Anyone with common sense would know that. But this poor nurse was an immigrant, and so of course she should have been cut some slack. Plus with Kate in the hospital I bet it was a mass chaotic zoo of furious activity . The mistake should have been, and appeared to have been forgiven by all.

The DJs? Snarky buffoons- sure? Blood on their hands- really, people?

Lance and I had a brief discussion about it, wondering if the hospital administration had- upon learning of the hoax- reacted disproportionately, suspended, or berated her in some way. But in my mind, even a public firing (which as far as we know did not happen) would not give rise to a suicide reaction.

Yes it was all stupid and so sadly senseless. It boggles our minds that this woman, Jacintha Saldaha, would react to her very public mistake this way, and that is why we can’t stop wondering about it. Because we don’t understand.

But not every tragedy calls for a scapegoat, people. Put your damn pitchforks and brooms down- this isn’t a witch hunt.

No one should be fired for the stunt. No one should be burned at the stake.

It’s a sad happening that is unexplainable. Get over it and let these people who remain in the immediate wake of the tragedy try to get through it the best they can.

It’s human nature to search for answers. It’s human idiocy to find any “reason” at the sacrifice of logic and common sense.

Hanging the DJ, or calling for the hanging of the DJs,  is as disproportionately outrageous as killing yourself because you were duped.

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DogsOnDrugs.com December 10, 2012 at 5:19 PM

We had a DJ in town who called the wife of Darryl Kile (who died suddenly mid-season), about 3 or 4 months after he’d passed and posed as a reporter. The schtick was that at the end of the interview, he asked her out on a date.

Yeah, it was an asshole move, but what freaked me out was how quick management was to fire him. The same people that pushed him to be “more edgy” because “edgy means ratings” were more than willing to hang him out to dry the second he went too far in executing their wishes.

The whole thing was ridiculous.
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The Mchi December 19, 2012 at 6:24 PM

I agree completely that the disproportionate reaction to the act itself is just plain stupid, and that one does not commit suicide based on just one bad thing happening in an otherwise vibrant life. But there is a growing belief, and one I support, that states simply that the culture of ‘anything for a laugh or a ratings point or a market share’ has created or at least bolstered a world where common civility and simple courtesy have no place, and that this in turn makes society less supportive and more oppressive. The irony to me is that the same people who are calling for the DJ’s to be burned at the stake are the ones who listened to them in the first place, thus giving them and their every more childish pranks credibility. In a world where people are increasingly pressured and diminished on a daily basis, there is a point to be made for not doing the lowest common denominator joke or prank, just because it drops everyone involved to that very same lowest common denominator. Just one old prankster’s opinion.


Vesta Vayne December 28, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Agreed, hanging the DJ is silly. If they have half a brain between the two of them, they already feel bad enough. Committing suicide over a prank alone just doesn’t make sense, I’d be willing to bet the woman had other issues.
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