The moment you have all be waiting for, has finally arrived. Available just in time for Valentine’s Day march madness, Dyngus Day  Paul Rudd’s birthday at create space and

Buy it. You know you want to.

Buy it. You know you want to.


Megaquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunami, Super Volcanoes, Hadron Collider Black Holes, Flooding, Ice Spiders, Tornados, Rapture, Zombie Apocalypse, Honey Boo Boo/End Times.  Sure we survived December 21, 2012 with our Choos intact, but we live in a world where disaster can strike faster than a Bergdorf Trunk Sale runs out of Chloe.  Ice Spiders for Crissakes. Do you have any idea what to do if Giant Ice Spiders invade?

Forget Doomsday Preppers, Snooki has a published book. What clearer sign do you need of imminent Armageddon, Chic-a? What kind of sign will it take to convince you to prepare for the Big One, if not “musings” from the Jersey Shore in print?

Oh Sissy, please. I know just how prepared you are for the Big One (approximately, “One-Pair-Of-Clean-Panties-Away-From-Wearing-Bikini-Bottoms-To-Work-Prepared”).

The Big One. A 7.5+ magnitude earthquake on the San Andreas, epi-centered in the heart of California Urbanity. Or in Seattle, NYC – D.C. even! Your home shakes, your overly garish beautifully ornate maple armoire is teetering and you have no time to decide: Save the Choos or the children? Grab the Ipad mini or the laptop? Rescue Meemaw’s 4 Carat Blue from Tiffany or the vintage Chanel?

Don’t be forced into Sui’s Choice, Chic-a. What if you could be so PREpared that you might be able to save them all? Oh you can, darling, you can. In fact, the truly stylish girl knows the Big One is coming and she does not want to be caught with her True Religions around her ankles when it hits. The truly stylish girl is wise enough to prepare in advance, and chic enough to do it right. Right now.

A fun, silly, stylish, interesting easy to follow guide on EQ/Disaster preparation?

Absolutely Chic-a, right here, right now. Pour Vous.


Shaken Not Stirred: The Girls’ Guide to Stylishly Surviving the Big One.



What the truly stylish would likely say about LA Juice & SNS:


“Amusing and superficially talented, Yes? But deeply

and importantly talented…?

                -Holly Golightly (liberally paraphrased, out of context).

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